The progression of science enables a more in-depth exploration of the mysteries of the human genome. Disease information hidden in the sequence reveals through ‘precision diagnostics,’ which therefore becomes an excellent companion in medical decision making.

Based on the professionals in laboratory medicine, Bio-Check proactively introduces related products and technologies of precision diagnostics. To Aim at forming an industrial integration platform to bridge over the two ends of R & D and clinical application, the company insists that all products must be strictly evaluated to meet clinical criteria and to provide reliable evidence for clinical diagnostics.

In the era of personalized medicine, by linking leading accredited laboratories together and powering the connectivity of laboratory service network, the company develops a diverse combination of precision medicine services, from maternity health care, rare disease detection, adult health management, and preventive screenings in dementia. Bio-Check offers completed precision diagnostic products to reach the goal of preventive medicine. The report from each test assists in helping understanding everyone’s physical condition more precisely.
Therefore, doctors can make a more specific and suitable treatment plan for their patients, and even further, to prevent a particular disease.

Eugene Biotech Co. Ltd

Eugene Biotech is the most completed precision medicine diagnostics service platform. We offer variety assays and laboratory total solution for precision medicine diagnostic tests.

JW Diagnostics, Inc.

JW Diagnostics Inc. provides comprehensive and high-quality tests and molecular analysis services for precision medicine in the fields of preventive health management, maternal and child care, and medical decision-making for cancer therapies by cooperating with Taipei Medical University.

Strategic allied laboratories

Bio-Check is the first company in Taiwan to construct a precision medicine laboratory together with cooperated hospitals, offering the most reliable diagnostics services strictly qualified to accommodate clinical criteria.

Department of Molecular Pathology Laboratory, Taipei Medical University Hospital


Division of Precision Medicine laboratory, Pathology Center, Chi Mei Medical Center

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Taipei Medical University Hospital

Aging and Disease Prevention Research Center, Fooyin University

Sinlong Medilab Laboratory

ThinPreps Pathology Center

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